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Help Us Reach Our $60,000 Goal

  • We have reached our goal of $30,000 in donations to be added to the Bowen Family Assistance Fund to further reduce the cost of housing for long-term families. Thank you for your generous support in the first two days of our virtual event!
  • Please consider a donation to support the free programming for local and out-of-town families and the already-reduced housing for those who need overnight accommodations. Your support will make a difference for transplant families!

Join Us for a Virtual Event Oct. 28 – 30, 2020

Join us HERE, on our website, or on Facebook, Wednesday through Friday at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we'll give you an inside look at the life that is made beautiful in this community.
We hope you will be inspired to donate to the fulfillment of this mission—something that can be done now or any time, right here.  
Every single gift is important for what it symbolizes and what it enables.
We think you'll enjoy what we've created for you in the coming days, with appearances by House guests, several donors, and of course, Benson, our butler.  

Join Benson for the Finale!

Mark your calendar to get carry-out from Zhug, Edwins Restaurant, or a restaurant near you on Friday, Oct. 30, and sit in the comfort of your own home for a free special performance. This special "Night at the Opera" will be available on demand starting at 7 p.m. on our website and Facebook page.

Watch On Demand

As they are posted, videos from the We Call It Home series will be available to watch, here, on demand, as well as on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Wednesday, Oct. 28

The One with the Most Friendships of All—Benson

Meet Benson, the official mascot of Transplant House of Cleveland, and the friends he has met along the way.

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Friendship at Transplant House of Cleveland

Discover how Transplant House guests formed lifelong friendships during their shared experience on our campus.

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A Tour of Transplant House and a Donation from Gordon Bowen of Lifebanc

Join Elaine Turley for a tour of a Transplant House apartment. Then, watch as Gordon Bowen of Lifebanc makes a significant donation to Transplant House of Cleveland!

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Thursday, Oct. 29

We Call It Home: People Who Make Us a Special Place

Meet Lisa Vegas and Matthew Miller, as well as Erica and Charlie Miller, who have furthered the Transplant House mission.

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We Call It Home: Groups that Make Us a Special Place

Meet our friends from Temple-Tifereth Israel and the Cleveland Cooking Club, and learn how they help strengthen our community.

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We Call It Home: Special Dance Performance and Gift Announcement

Friend of Transplant House Nancy Griffith delivers an appeal and special dance performance, and Elaine Turley makes an announcement of new gifts received!

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Friday, Oct. 30

We Call It Home: An Update from the Volgelsong Family

The Volgelsong Family's stay at Transplant House was marked by many fun and endearing touchpoints. Learn how they are doing more than two years after Ken received a heart transplant.

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We Call It Home: Let's Ring the Bell

Watch as we celebrate the gift of life given through organ transplantation. Featuring Mark Wells and Doug Doss, Dawn White, and Ken Vogelsong and family.

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A Night at the Opera!

We Call It Home: A Night at the Opera (and a Special Gift Announcement!)

Watch as Elaine Turley announces a special gift to Transplant House of Cleveland. Then, join the co-founders of Transplant House for a "Night at the Opera!" with performances by Jen Woda, Mezzo-Soprano, Jennifer Bromagen, Soprano, and featuring Brian Thornton, cello.

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Thank You!

We Call It Home: Thank You for Supporting the Transplant House of Cleveland!

Join us as we highlight the people who helped make We Call It Home! a success. Thank you for supporting the Transplant House of Cleveland. "Here Comes the Sun" performed by Brian Thornton, cello.

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