Bowen Family Assistance Fund

Gordon Bowen is the CEO of Lifebanc, Northeast Ohio’s organ procurement organization.  The Bowen Family Assistance Fund was established to mark his 15th anniversary at Lifebanc and contribute towards something he cares deeply about: making life a bit easier for organ recipients and their families.

Families that qualify for this fund fall under many different circumstances:

  • A patient whose medical journey has been extended for many weeks or months and they are now paying for a stay they did not anticipate.
  • A short-term family who has lost employment or become inundated with medical expenses, and for whom a contribution to Transplant House is difficult or impossible.

Regardless of the reason, we work with every family we can to further reduce or eliminate more burden during an already challenging time, thanks to the contributions to the Family Assistance Fund.

Contributing to this fund is as simple as making a note in your letter, online form or gift memo when you make your donation to Transplant House of Cleveland. Donations can be made online here or by sending a check to:

2029 East 115TH Street, Cleveland, OH 44106