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Provide a Meal

Sharing a meal is a powerful way to connect a community. We've witnessed this first-hand time and again at the Transplant House. Because of the power of community meals, we aim to have one per week. If you have a group of people willing to provide a meal for 30 people, get in touch and check out our calendar below!

Spring Clean-Up

Every Spring, we need some help getting our landscaping set up, air conditioners cleaned, and storage areas organized. We have smaller projects available throughout the year as well. If you are interested, please get in touch or check out our calendar below!

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Welcome Guests

Help us provide top-notch guest services to patients and caregivers who desire to stay at Transplant House of Cleveland. Volunteers are essential to our culture that says “welcome” as they answer phones, greet guests upon arrival, help gets get settled in the House and neighborhood, act as "concierge," and serve as a friendly listener.  Some volunteers find special areas of focus, like baking, organizing, and planning special activities.  If you enjoy providing hospitality to others or ensuring a lovely home, Transplant House of Cleveland may be just the right place for your volunteer efforts.  

Maintain Pristine Apartments

Volunteers are also essential to keeping our apartments and common spaces inviting and functional.  All the chores and small "fix-it" tasks you do at home are needed here, from replacing lightbulbs to tightening door handles to replenishing magazine displays, to sweeping porches.  We also have periodic group "work days" when we clean rugs and wash windows.  In addition, it is fun to have people who tend to "fung shey" and keep our spaces seasonally attractive and warmly colorful.  

Support Fundraising

Our Development staff welcomes support with fundraising planning & hosting, envelope-stuffing, and for those so inclined, database entry.  Volunteers might also help with newsletter writing or video creation.  If you enjoy event planning, marketing, and other components of fundraising and awareness-raising, we invite you to consider helping with our development efforts.

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Our volunteers are a wonderfully tenacious bunch! We've been grateful to continue to feel their presence, though in a more limited capacity than in the past. Transplant House started with only volunteers. As we've grown, they continue to help us move our work forward. We are honored to know and recognize them in the stories below.

Meet Harlan Meinwald

Harlan, along with fellow members of Cleveland Cooking Club, has been cooking meals for Transplant House of Cleveland guests since 2018.  

“I feel for the guests who are dealing with so much - the turmoil around the health of their loved ones, having to locate to an unfamiliar environment often without the rest of their support system nearby, the possibility of COVID impacting their immunocompromised friends and relatives. The guests are always grateful to have a safe, home-cooked meal, and the staff at Transplant House is incredibly gracious and supportive.”


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Meet Anne Smith

There are some people who seem as though they’ve been with us always waiting to take their seat and do their special work. Anne Smith is just such a person.

“Transplant House is such a SPECIAL place!! My favorite part of this work is listening to stories and what brings people here. Every story is so different, yet every family has the same needs: to get the best medical care for their family member and to feel as comfortable as possible during this whole process.”


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Meet Judith Wolkoff

Judith Wolkoff was the first person to make a regular commitment to helping with the operations of Transplant House on a volunteer basis.

“It doesn't matter what you do as long as it helps people in the home. Whether it is making beds, cleaning the rooms, baking goodies, bringing in dinners or organizing the kitchen. I come home full of excitement after I work at this place.”


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