Apartment Sponsorships

I know my mom is the sick one, but I worry about my dad too. The apartments are like a little slice of home when you can't be home. Truly amazing.

—Former house guest family

For out-of-town families who are navigating the long and challenging journey of organ transplantation, an apartment on campus with other patients and caregivers can become so much more than a place to sleep.  It becomes their home, as well as a place to build community and find comfort. Apartment Sponsorships make it possible for us to offer these spaces at affordable rates, while giving visibility to your commitment to supporting these families.

$5,000 Sponsorship:

  • Name on plaque outside of apartment, visible from interior hallway
  • Framed photo of plaque to be displayed at home or business
  • Remains for 1-year from date of sponsorship (pledge must be paid within the same calendar year)

$100,000 Sponsorship:

  • Name over outer door of the “quad” of four apartments
  • Four-year commitment at $25,000 per year

To learn more or get your apartment sponsorship, write to Elaine Turley, Executive Director, or call 440-340-3906.