The Miller Tribute Campaign


Supporting the programs and community that make Transplant House of Cleveland a home-away-frome-home!

Erica and Charlie Miller have been key to Transplant House of Cleveland’s inception and growth, believing in its importance before the doors opened in 2014 and every day since. This home-away-from-home has cared for more than 1400 families through more than 37,000 nights of housing and hundreds of “touches of hospitality” and support is due in great part to their dedication.

Through the Miller Tribute Campaign, our goal is to raise $200,000 to ensure that the heart of Transplant House continues to be seen and felt through one-on-one counseling and transplant “navigation” provided by our clinical transplant social worker, formal and informal support groups for patients and caregivers, an AA group for transplant candidates and recipients, Transplant Topics educational presentations, nourishing meals, self-care offerings such as massage and yoga, music and art therapy, and more. 

The Humble Heart-Gentle Soul Foundation is kicking off this campaign with a $100,000 challenge! The foundation will match every dollar that comes in up to $100,000 - Your gift gets doubled!

Your support will be doubled and we will delight Erica and Charlie, and all of our guests, by preserving the Miller’s story through a special display in the center of Transplant House of Cleveland’s community space where guests are greeted and where they gather, eat, learn, and form relationships.

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“Organ transplant is an emotional roller coaster… and no one should be on that roller coaster alone.” ~Dr. Charles Miller

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Additional support of this campaign thanks to...

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