“We Call it Home” Inspires Over $63,000 in Giving!”

Our first completely virtual fundraising appeal was easily named “We Call it Home” because that’s an oft-used phrase by those who reside here.  Nothing could make Board, Staff and Volunteers happier, because “home” is what we aim for.

See and hear for yourself what makes this special campus feel like home and how it provides the soothing feelings that home is meant to give.  It’s all explained right here in these videos starring our guests and volunteers. 

The “Grand Finale” to this video collection is an opera concert preceded by a conversation with the talented vocalists- Jen Woda and Jennifer Bromagen– kidney recipient and kidney donor respectively.  Woda’s talented husband, Brian Thornton, cellist for Cleveland Orchestra, makes an appearance, as well. 

What these musical artists gave us in talent, others gave through thoughtful testimony and generous financial gifts, starting with Maureen Gharrity, who contributed $25,000 from Quinn’s Memorial Fund, the mission of which is a perfect match for the Transplant House/Gordon Bowen Family Assistance Fund.  Watch our special conversation with Maureen, in which she explains her journey with her son Quinn. 

Lifebanc ($10,000), Nancy Griffith ($5,000), Kathleen Hancock ($5,000), and The Vincent P. and Phyllis M. Fresch Fund ($5,000), and many generous others brought our fundraising total to $63,500!  Of that, $30,000 will be deposited in the Family Assistance Fund, to provide even greater subsidy to the overnight stays of long-term families at Transplant House.  The remainder will ensure that all guests receive affordable accommodations and free support services during the transplant journey. 

We Call it Home because there is a deep sense of caring here.  Thank you to many who make it so. 

Jen Woda, Mezzo-Soprano
Brian Thornton, Cleveland Orchestra Cellist
Jennifer Bromagen, Soprano

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