Resources for Patients & Caregivers


Caregiving for a loved one on the road to transplant is a full time job. It's emotionally and physically exhausting. Below are resources for helping navigate the challenges of caregiving at every stage of the transplant journey.

Tips for Caregivers, from Caregivers

At Transplant House we know that no one understands what it means to be the caregiver to a loved one on the transplant journey better than those who have lived that journey themselves. That’s why we collected tips from Transplant House guests over the years.

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Caregiving in Liver Transplant

Matthew Miller and Lisa Vegas host this virtual conversation about the patient and caregiver experience of organ transplantation. Organ transplant can be an amazing, life-saving gift, but the journey itself is life-threatening and life-altering. Having a serious illness can change your life not only medically, but also personally and professionally. Watch the video for a conversation with Matthew Miller and his wife, Lisa Vegas, about their journey of ups, downs, and what they wish they had understood better about the effects of liver failure. They also share about what it was like for Lisa to be a caregiver, working with the medical team, and continuing to find support throughout the roller coaster ride the healing process can be.


The transplant journey does not end with the transplant surgery; it is the beginning of a life-long process of health management and care that can be a challenge to navigate.

Writing to Your Donor Family

Let’s talk about writing to your donor’s family: Have you wondered about when is the best time to write? Are there certain things you should say and other things you should avoid sharing in your letter? Have you wondered what it’s like for others who have been in touch, and how families experience letters from recipients? Do you wonder if you’re able to meet your donor’s family? Watch the video of our Transplant Topics presentation for a discussion with Lifebanc’s Bereavement Services Team, Elissa Berman and Dena Balk of all aspects of corresponding with donor families.