Thankful for those who gave to Building 2!

We acknowledge the many volunteers who gave generously and open-heartedly to the preparation of this special place.  Building Two already has a “personality” of its own – it is a reflection of a diverse group of people who came forward to give what they could, motivated by the three-year history of Building One, which proved that the right space can make a very positive difference to families who choose to be in community through the transplant journey.  We are fully confident that this too, will be a welcoming, comforting, healing and supportive space.

Thank you especially, to Jenna Banville, an extraordinary woman who is uniquely creative and intuitive.  She is a deeply-devoted mother who has shown remarkable forbearance through two lengthy stays here at Transplant House of Cleveland, in support of Molly.  Jenna is known for reflecting on her many months here by saying: “This is not a club anyone wanted to join, but we sure are glad we’re in it.”  In her understated way, Jenna has helped create that “club”- a community of women who stay strong by getting busy.  Jenna personally donated hours too numerous to count, from August through October, scrubbing away the dirt left by former tenants and the dust and debris from renovations…over and over.  She kept lists of needed furnishings, and updated them again and again.  During the planning, shopping, sorting, lugging and storing, Jenna described visions of finished rooms that would welcome and soothe others.  She made “treasure” out of old and battered furniture and frames.  She baked for volunteers.  Best of all, she laughed.  That laughter and her creative touches in each of these nine apartments have given this space the most precious and positive beginning we could hope for.

We also extend tremendous thanks to Erica Miller, who made the very tricky decisions about furniture suited for round rooms!!  How many times did she stand and wonder how we could maximize sleeping space but also give these apartments a homey “living room” feel?  Erica also gave “shop ‘til you drop” real meaning, hosted a painting party to make art for these walls, and rallied others to assist with decorating, bed-making, and last-minute touches to ensure that these apartments speak “welcome” at first glance.

Sally Harbold, a former long-term House guest, touched us and this House when she traveled up from North Carolina to give an intense 50-hour work week, during which no hour went under-utilized.  She hauled furniture from Habitat ReStore to this new home, she painted walls, did internet research to find supplies, created our detailed “punch list” of improvements needed, “dragged” her sister Holly up from Columbus to help, and generally made us move faster because of her endless energy!

Others of special note are those who made donations of goods:

  • Fish Furniture, with thanks to Dan Geller
  • Corsicana Mattress and Mattress Firm, with thanks to Doug Guffey
  • Anchor Hocking, with thanks to Teresa Chu
  • HomeTex – “Dream Fit” sheets, with thanks to Jerry Wooten
  • Roger Magowicz, who coordinated the bedding donations
  • Million Dollar Round Table- grant for a stair lift
  • Jan Turley Burns and Tim Nowicki – living room furniture and piano
  • Susan Block – furniture and dishware
  • Larry LaCoe and Gary Pembrook- artwork
  • Maureen Ortman-Fike – furniture and home furnishings
  • Margo Walker – furniture
  • Lee Warshawski- artwork
  • Judith Wolkoff- furniture
  • Charla Christopher- furniture
  • Sharon Fiato- furniture
  • Deb Duffy- furniture
  • Kay Dunlap – foyer bench, made by the craftsman who built the chairs for the Titanic

We also recognize with great thankfulness, our apartment sponsors – $5,000 donors who gave the resources to fully equip these home-like apartments:

  • Jill and Dave Baker, in honor of Britney
  • Sally and Lloyd Davis
  • Mrs. Virginia and Susan DeNaire
  • Mary Janine and John Langdon
  • Pat and Dan Morse
  • The Pfab Family
  • Kathy and John Serra
  • Diane and Brian Vitale
  • The Wolkoff Family
  • The Young Professionals

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