Lifebanc Challenge Met by a Single Donor

Gordon Bowen, Lifebanc CEO, announces Lifebanc's $50,000 Challenge Grant with Art Thomson, Transplant House Treasurer & Board Member.

Gordon Bowen, Lifebanc CEO, announces Lifebanc’s $50,000 Challenge Grant with Art Thomson, Transplant House Treasurer & Board Member.

The Lifebanc Challenge has been met for this year!  Just days after we drew attention to the $50,000 Challenge Grant extended to Transplant House by Lifebanc and CEO Gordon Bowen, Michael and Susan Fayne stepped up to meet the entire first-year challenge, giving $10,000.  Lifebanc announced its challenge earlier this year, promising to match the gift of every NEW donor up to $10,000 per year for five years. 

My colleagues and I recognized Transplant House’s need to expand its donor base in order to make progress on its facility search and eventual furnishing and operations. The financial need cannot be met by one generous donor. A challenge grant that encourages the participation of new donors seems like the best challenge to make at this time.
— Gordon Bowen

Michael Fayne is a transplant recipient and Susan knows the tremendous pressure of being the healthy support person.  They both fully comprehend the added stress of travel away from home for organ transplant evaluation, surgery, and after-care…as their home is in Florida and their medical professionals are in Cleveland.  THANK YOU, Michael and Susan for your generously-given $10,000 gift!  And THANK YOU Lifebanc, for your challenge and your “match!” 

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