Transplant House of Cleveland

Transplant House of Cleveland is 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with an important mission: to provide temporary, affordable housing in a home-like environment for organ transplant patients and their families while they visit Cleveland for medical care.  

The Transplant House of Cleveland board is searching for a facility for renovation while simultaneously growing its base of friends and raising much-needed funding.

Please join us in this mission to create a cozy, welcoming home-away-from-home where transplant families can face medical challenges with the help and support of others.  You can make the difference in many lives by contributing financially, sharing your skills and connecting us to others who can help us open our doors.

Help this vision become a reality by making a financial contribution. Click Here to donate to a great cause. Thank You!

Giving Thanks

Special Thanks, November 2011:

  • We are deeply grateful to Dan Bode of The Architectural Group, Inc., Grand Rapids, for the donation of floor plans and renderings which are helping us visualize the dream of Transplant House of Cleveland.  Dan’s wife, Judy, is awaiting a heart transplant.
  • We appreciate the staff of the Cleveland Clinic Transplant Center, for allowing us to promote our mission through the distribution of literature, and for the donation of meeting space.
  • We thank Colleen Gerber and others at Lifebanc for marketing, logo and website development and eagerness to help see this mission to fulfillment.
  • We give thanks for the International Transplant Nurses Society members and the opportunity given to us, to make a presentation at their annual Northeast Ohio symposium,
  • We rejoice over meeting patients who are willing to give testimonials and others who are willing to join our committees focused on Facility, Marketing, and Fundraising.

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