Transplant House of Cleveland

Transplant House of Cleveland is 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with an important mission: to provide temporary, affordable housing in a home-like environment for organ transplant patients and their families while they visit Cleveland for medical care.  

The Transplant House of Cleveland board is searching for a facility for renovation while simultaneously growing its base of friends and raising much-needed funding.

Please join us in this mission to create a cozy, welcoming home-away-from-home where transplant families can face medical challenges with the help and support of others.  You can make the difference in many lives by contributing financially, sharing your skills and connecting us to others who can help us open our doors.

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Transplant House of Cleveland provides affordable, temporary housing and a welcoming, supportive community to organ transplant patients and their families.

The Need

Imagine you or your loved one needing an organ transplant. Imagine having to travel many miles from home to the medical center for evaluation, surgery, and ongoing post-operative care. Imagine that along with the tremendous stress of managing a serious medical condition is the burden of finding safe, affordable lodging for yourself and your family.

Because only 4% of U.S. medical centers have transplant programs, many people find themselves in that very situation - away from home in pursuit of life-saving care.  Not only do the families need assistance with housing, but their stress is compounded by:

  • The cost & accessibility of transportation
  • Navigating an unfamiliar city
  • Finding affordable, healthy food
  • Managing responsibilities back home 
  • Feelings of isolation in the absence of anyone who understands
  • Maintaining a job and paying bills as days away turn into weeks away
Jerry and Jill Wichtel

Jerry and Jill Wichtel

"As you can well imagine, the road to and through transplant is arduous on many levels.  For those of us who are also so far from our homes, our friends, our family, the routines of our former lives, there is that additional burden.  Though technology becomes a lifeline for us, it cannot provide us with a physical community.  Most of the people from our former lives, empathetic as they may be, cannot truly grasp the nature of the transplant experience.  There are many whose economic circumstances limit their choices.  For them, the addition of a transplant house would be an invaluable asset."

Jill Wichtel  //  Wife of a transplant recipient

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