Transplant House of Cleveland

Transplant House of Cleveland is 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with an important mission: to provide temporary, affordable housing in a home-like environment for organ transplant patients and their families while they visit Cleveland for medical care.  

The Transplant House of Cleveland board is searching for a facility for renovation while simultaneously growing its base of friends and raising much-needed funding.

Please join us in this mission to create a cozy, welcoming home-away-from-home where transplant families can face medical challenges with the help and support of others.  You can make the difference in many lives by contributing financially, sharing your skills and connecting us to others who can help us open our doors.

Help this vision become a reality by making a financial contribution. Click Here to donate to a great cause. Thank You!

Guest Testimonial

It is difficult for most of us to imagine being away from home for more than four years, in pursuit of an organ transplant, but Transplant House has welcomed and come to know two such families, to date. Featured here is Maria Aslamazi, a young anesthesiologist from Greece, who had a four + year stay with us for a 5-organ transplant. Thank you, David Grier, for interviewing and filming Maria.

A Look Inside Transplant House of Cleveland

With gratefulness for the generosity of Diane & Brian Vitale and the creativity of filmmaker Matthew Mandrus, we are pleased to share our first video that features our guests and their experiences within Transplant House of Cleveland.  Watch and listen here.

Healtheo360 Interview

Diane and Brian Vitale, recently interviewed by Healtheo360 and given the "Our Human Spirit" award, explain the road to and through liver transplantation and the reasons they choose to support Transplant House of Cleveland. The interview starts at the 10:30 mark.

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